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XMRE Meals: Ready To Eat When You Need Them

June 8, 2017
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XMRE meals are ready to eat meals that can be used during emergencies and to nourish law and military professionals. The meals are nutritious and ready to eat right out of the pouch. The meals also have an extended shelf life which makes them cost effective and easy to store. XMRE produces multiple lines of meals that work for a variety of situations

XT Series

The XT series has an extended shelf life that is military grade, but can also work for civilian markets. Each meal is made from United States military components and are fully cooked and ready to eat. They can be stored in a variety of conditions and will be ready as needed.

Why are MREs best ready to eat food? from XMRE on Vimeo.

You don’t need water with XMRE meals and they never have to be refrigerated. They are lightweight and easy to carry around. The packaging is durable and waterproof so the meals can handle the most challenging conditions. All the nutritional information is on the package and each package includes a lot number. Each meal provides 900 to 1200 calories and they come in beef, chicken, and vegetarian options.

XMRE Blue Line

The XMRE Blue Line series is shelf stable and made with high quality ingredients. Each meal contains 1000 to 1200 calories and each meal is fully cooked and ready to consume. The meals meet the requirements of government agencies, emergency preparedness programs, medical facilities and educational institutions.

XMRE Blue Line from XMRE on Vimeo.

No water is required to prepare the meals and they never have to be refrigerated. They have a long shelf life and the packaging is waterproof and durable. You can choose from a variety of meal options that are nutritious and tasty.

The Blue Line series is a complete meal with an entree, bread, snack, dessert, side, and beverage. They even come with accessory kits that have utensils, towelettes, and condiments. The bag is tamperproof as well. These meals have everything you need to help you cope with any situation.


The XMRE Lite meals have 600 to 900 calories per package and are made with high-quality components. The bags are waterproof and they are lightweight. The meals are perfect for emergency preparedness and outdoor enthusiasts. All meals are ready to eat and they don’t need refrigeration. They remain stable in a variety of conditions and contain everything you need for a satisfying and healthy meal, including an entree, bread, spread, snack and accessories.

XMRE Lite from XMRE on Vimeo.

XMRE Halal Meals

XMRE Halal meals are ready to consume and they are 100 percent certified and also compliant with Halal standards. They can be eaten right out of the pouch and they are designed to meet the needs of government, medical, and educational institutions. They are also designed to be compliant with disaster relief and humanitarian programs.

Each meal is ready to eat and requires no refrigeration. They don’t need water to reconstitute them and they are lightweight and waterproof. You can choose from three different types that range from 400 calories to 2300 calories and are enough food for the entire day.

XMRE meals are appropriate for individuals and large groups. Military and law enforcement use them in the field and each pouch can last for up to five years on the shelf and possibly longer in the right conditions. The meals can be eaten cold or warmed up with the included flameless ration heater. In just 10 minutes you will have a warm meal that is ready to enjoy and power you up. Each XMRE meal is packed with energy and will keep you energized for hours so you can get things done.