Investigating The MRE Meals Craze

By on November 2, 2018
MRE meals

Have you been hearing more and more about MRE meals as of late? Are you left in the dark as to what they even are or what the acronym means? Allow this cursory investigation to shed some light on the subject!

1 – What Does MRE Even Stand For?

MRE stands for “meals ready to eat”. It applies to field rations generally used by the military for survival. (MREs have also been handed out to help with emergency aid in disaster recovery situations.) The food itself is contained within pouches that can be easily heated if necessary, and the food is technically kept fresh even without refrigeration. A wide variety of foods, snacks, desserts, and mixtures for different beverages and refreshments are in production. Similarly, packaged heating implements that rely upon chemical reactions upon the addition of water are often included with meat or other dishes that require heat.

2 – Who’s Buying MREs?

Despite their association with the military, MRE meals have also been made available to the public through various means. With that, their popularity has only grown over the years. Many survivalists that stock up in case of emergency events ever strike have long done their best to stockpile MREs. In recent times, however, they’ve become more of a general curiosity than many people try on a whim simply to see what the fuss is all about. Thanks to social media and other facets of the internet, MREs have become something of a social phenomenon that a gradually growing number of people have felt they simply have to give a chance. It’s mostly the bandwagon effect in full display, but it’s all in harmless fun.

3 – What’s The Quality Of The Food Like?

The assumption of most is that MREs won’t be palatable given their nature. It’s a bit odd eating foods such as mashed potatoes or Salisbury steak out of a pouch that you’ve just heated with water. Drinking water or evaporated milk from the same kind of source seems similarly odd. As it turns out, many that have tried MREs have indeed confirmed that some of the food can taste a bit strange. Within the context of their intent, however, many agree that the food is “not bad” overall. As you may expect, some dishes are more successful than others.

4 – How Easy Is It To Prepare MREs?

Since they are designed to be prepared even in the direst of survival situations, MRE meals are actually quite simple to prepare. Each pouch includes instructions on what must be done and whether you need a heater or water. Most foods that do require any level of preparation will come along with anyone you might need. When it comes to dishes that must be cooked in a heating pouch, they’re usually done within 10 minutes or so.

5 – Are MREs Actually Safe?

MREs are completely safe to eat in theory. You must consider the source, however, as well as the age. Stamps that show you when the product was first packaged should be easy to find on every pouch.

The only real potential downside is that the dishes are packed with quite a lot of calories and sodium. You have to remember that this is food to help provide enough fuel to keep people going even if they’re in the midst of dire situations. This isn’t something you’ll want to casually eat if you intend to veg out on the couch afterward. With that in mind, make sure you use any MREs you come across responsibly!

6 – Where Can MREs Be Purchased By Civilians?

MREs are available at a number of locations, and they’ve only become easier to get given their growing popularity. One of the first go-to stops for MREs is at your local military surplus store. Most cities have at least one. You can usually find crates full of various MREs that you’re free to purchase and try as you wish.

Beyond that, there are also quite a few online stores offering MREs. You have to be extra careful when purchasing online, however. Use your best judgment and look up reviews for any site before you purchase!

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What You Need To Know About Buying MRE Wholesale

By on January 17, 2018
MRE wholesale

If you are interested in buying MREs in bulk , it is important to know where to find MRE in wholesale. When buying MREs is will all be dependent on the type you are interested in purchasing. Today there are a variety of different reasons why people like to stock up on MREs (Meals, Ready-To-Eat). These meals are a convenient option when you participate in outdoor activities such as hiking or camping with friends and family. These packages offer more than enough nutrition and are really easy to travel with. Other reasons that people stock up on these meals involves preparing for survival in the event of a manmade or natural disaster. Here are a few important considerations when you buy MRE wholesale.

The MRE, which is known as a meal-ready-to-eat, comes with a shelf-life of 3 years or more. The package for each meal is inclusive of a drink, entree, side dish, snacks and a dessert. These foods will all be packaged inside a weather-resistant and vacuum-sealed pouch. Each meal is equivalent to around 1,300 calories. The meal is designed to offer sufficient nutrition for people that participate in work that is physically strenuous.

The MREs were first created and developed for the US Military with the goal of fulfilling nutritional requirements of soldiers out in the field. The idea behind the meal was to do away with the time and effort required to prepare meals on the go. Soldiers require a complete and simple meal that is easy to eat. The solution to these needs translated into the MREs.

Most consumers know about the military grade MREs. However, most consumers are not aware of the civilian MREs that are available through a number of suppliers. This MRE type has grown in popularity over the last few years. The civilian MREs come in an extensive range of choices. If you are looking for a supplier to get your MREs on wholesale one of the better manufacturers is still XMRE. This company specializes in the manufacture of high-quality wholesale civilian MREs. In their product line the XT Series is one of the more popular ranges.

XT Series is available in various choices like the 3000XT, 2200XT, 1300Xt and the 1000XT. Each of these products features different calorie values. If you are in search of a range that will offer meals that cover an entire day the 2200XT and the 3000XT series is your best choice in MREs. The range known as the XMRE Lite are meals with a much lower calorie content that ranges from 600 to 900 calories for those who are conscious about the amount of calories they eat. This company also offers a Halal range. When ordering from the wholesale line, these products are packaged in boxes that contain 12 packs. This is the biggest size that is legally permitted for sale. However, you are able to purchase as many cases as you like. You can get XMRE from MRE Giant. MRE Giants offers affordable prices and fast shipping.

How to Locate Military Grade MRE Companies In Your Area

If you have decided to invest in wholesale MREs, and you are trying out this product for the first time. You may want to stick to the military grade option. This is because these meals are designed to offer you with the most advantage. This MRE type is dedicated to the US Military, which allows soldiers to maintain their energy levels, even when faced with combat.

These meals have been made available to civilians and are sold through a variety of different companies. This is the ideal solution for consumers in search of a product they can trust. Many people have turned to preparing for an emergency or the convenience of these meals for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking.

Where To Find MRE Companies

If this is the first time you have considered investing in MREs, you will find that the suppliers of MREs are easy to locate. This is especially true when you live in a large city, you will most likely find a number of companies in your area or online that sell these products worldwide. The MREs are extremely popular, as many civilians now stock up on these products for the purpose of preparing for a way to stay fed in case of an emergency or a disaster. Some people, prefer to buy MRE wholesale to stock up on these products for as long as a few years. Fortunately, today there are many companies that are able to accommodate just about any order size you can think of.

Placing an order for MREs is as simple as going online and choosing a reputable MRE wholesale supplier. Once you have completed your order most companies will ship the order immediately. You can usually expect to wait a few days for your order to arrive dependent on your location. Once you find a company that you like, it is always advisable to try out all the different meals to make a decision on the ones that you prefer. A bit of research on the different MRE companies in your area will assist you in choosing the right company that provide this service type.

Choosing The Right MREs To Buy

Today you are able to choose from either civilian or military MREs. In previous years the civilian and the military meals were entirely different, yet today they are very similar in association to their components, calories and quality. In addition, it was once difficult to buy military MREs because there was a ban on reselling them. Today, both types of MREs are easy to buy from a number of suppliers.

The authentic and genuine MREs are what the soldiers eat, and this product is backed by many years of testing and research. They also offer more variety when compared to the civilian meals. For example, the Military meals offer 24-meal options, while the civilian options only offer 6 to 12 options. In addition, the Military MREs include certain items that the civilian meals don’t. The Military meals all come with flameless heaters and each case features 12 different entrees along with various desserts and snacks. Typically, a case will contain Menu A or Menu B which makes up a total of 24 different meals.

The civilian MREs are usually more expensive and usually only offer 6 different entrees in a case, which usually means there are 2 of each meal. The civilian MREs are mainly manufactured by the companies that manufacture the Military products, which means the meals are usually identical or very similar. However, the civilian meals usually don’t come with a heater, which means you may need to buy the heaters separately.

Both the civilian and military MREs are great options for backpacking, emergency supplies and grab-and-go eating. The MRE has a very long shelf life in comparison to other food types, but are nothing like the freeze-dried food items that have a shelf life as long as 20 years. On average, when stored correctly the MREs are able to last for around 5 years. Keep in mind that the MREs that you have purchased are not always new, and you might make the mistake of buying meals that have already expired. Use common sense before eating your MREs. If the food has a bad smell or when the package appears bloated, throw it away immediately.

To make sure you are buying MREs that are fresh, check the manufacture date. The Military versions feature 2 dates. The first date is the manufacture date that is either displayed in a standard date such as 05/02/2013 or using four digits such as 4282, which represents the 282nd day of 2014. The second date is known as the inspection-date, which is usually 3 years from the manufacturing date. Certain sellers only show this inspection date that misleads the buyers by making them think that the meals are newer.

All of the Military MREs feature a small orange sticker which represents the Time-Temperature Indicator, which is lets the buyer know whether the meals are fresh. These stickers feature a dark orange shaped donut on top of a lighter-orange background. If the center hole is a lighter color when compared to the donut, it means the meals are still fresh. If the color is the same color as the donut, it means the meals are approaching their shelf life. If this hole is darker than the color of the donut, the meals may be bad or questionable.

The civilian meals on the other hand are different. To begin with you should only but your civilian MREs from a reputable retailer. Most of these stores keep these products in large refrigerated warehouses, which prominently displays the manufacture date. If you are unable to locate the date on the packages or on packages or on the website of the retailer, rather find another supplier. In addition, if the retailer fails to state the method in which these meals are stored, it is also advisable to find another supplier.

When it comes to the military meals, MRE Giant is suggested as one of the best places to find a good deal. Make sure the seller has posted pictures of dates that are stamped onto the box, as well as the orange temp and time sticker. The MREs that are approaching their inspection date are usually still okay for consumption, but newer is obviously better.

There are also retailers that sell individual items such as side dishes or entrees. This is usually an option if you prefer not to purchase the whole meal. However, keep in mind that this option is usually more expensive, and you won’t be saving any money by trying to put together your own customized MREs.

The Reason That Wholesale MREs Are Worth Purchasing

In the world that we live in today, it is always a good idea to make a few plans for out futures. One of the easiest ways to plan for the unexpected, is to stock up on MREs. Here are a few benefits of buying these products in bulk.

Long Shelf Life

If you want to prepare for an emergency, the MREs are a good option without having to worry about your food going bad.

These Meals Are Satisfying

When you are hungry, you are going to require a lot more than just a snack. You will probably want a meal that will leave you feeling satisfied and full. The MRE meals have been designed specifically to help you feel full. After just one of these MREs, you will be able to keep hunger at bay for a lot longer.

MREs Are A Cost Effective Solution

If you are looking for a way to build-up your food stores, but you don’t have the capital outlay to invest in the amount that you would like, MREs offer a cost-effective solution. In this way you can stock up on a variety of meals without having to spend a fortune.

MREs Taste Great

Meals similar to these in the past tasted terrible, and most users had to force them down. The MREs of today are tasty and fulfilling. They may not be the same as the type of meal you expect from a restaurant, but they are appetizing enough when you are on the go or really hungry.

If you are looking for good quality MREs make sure you only purchase from a well-known and reputable supplier. They retailers may cost slightly more, but you definitely decrease the risks. If you are looking for a good deal, you may want to consider using e-Bay. If you do shop on e-Bay be aware that you will need to spend the necessary time reading over the product descriptions, checking on the dates as well as checking on the seller’s ratings. It is always advisable to start off with a smaller order to experiment with the different brands and meals before you decide to place a bulk order. This allows you to make an informed choice on your preferred MREs.

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XMRE Meals: Ready To Eat When You Need Them

By on June 8, 2017
MRE wholesale

XMRE meals are ready to eat meals that can be used during emergencies and to nourish law and military professionals. The meals are nutritious and ready to eat right out of the pouch. The meals also have an extended shelf life which makes them cost effective and easy to store. XMRE produces multiple lines of meals that work for a variety of situations

XT Series

The XT series has an extended shelf life that is military grade, but can also work for civilian markets. Each meal is made from United States military components and are fully cooked and ready to eat. They can be stored in a variety of conditions and will be ready as needed.

Why are MREs best ready to eat food? from XMRE on Vimeo.

You don’t need water with XMRE meals and they never have to be refrigerated. They are lightweight and easy to carry around. The packaging is durable and waterproof so the meals can handle the most challenging conditions. All the nutritional information is on the package and each package includes a lot number. Each meal provides 900 to 1200 calories and they come in beef, chicken, and vegetarian options.

XMRE Blue Line

The XMRE Blue Line series is shelf stable and made with high quality ingredients. Each meal contains 1000 to 1200 calories and each meal is fully cooked and ready to consume. The meals meet the requirements of government agencies, emergency preparedness programs, medical facilities and educational institutions.

XMRE Blue Line from XMRE on Vimeo.

No water is required to prepare the meals and they never have to be refrigerated. They have a long shelf life and the packaging is waterproof and durable. You can choose from a variety of meal options that are nutritious and tasty.

The Blue Line series is a complete meal with an entree, bread, snack, dessert, side, and beverage. They even come with accessory kits that have utensils, towelettes, and condiments. The bag is tamperproof as well. These meals have everything you need to help you cope with any situation.


The XMRE Lite meals have 600 to 900 calories per package and are made with high-quality components. The bags are waterproof and they are lightweight. The meals are perfect for emergency preparedness and outdoor enthusiasts. All meals are ready to eat and they don’t need refrigeration. They remain stable in a variety of conditions and contain everything you need for a satisfying and healthy meal, including an entree, bread, spread, snack and accessories.

XMRE Lite from XMRE on Vimeo.

XMRE Halal Meals

XMRE Halal meals are ready to consume and they are 100 percent certified and also compliant with Halal standards. They can be eaten right out of the pouch and they are designed to meet the needs of government, medical, and educational institutions. They are also designed to be compliant with disaster relief and humanitarian programs.

Each meal is ready to eat and requires no refrigeration. They don’t need water to reconstitute them and they are lightweight and waterproof. You can choose from three different types that range from 400 calories to 2300 calories and are enough food for the entire day.

XMRE meals are appropriate for individuals and large groups. Military and law enforcement use them in the field and each pouch can last for up to five years on the shelf and possibly longer in the right conditions. The meals can be eaten cold or warmed up with the included flameless ration heater. In just 10 minutes you will have a warm meal that is ready to enjoy and power you up. Each XMRE meal is packed with energy and will keep you energized for hours so you can get things done.

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