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Review of Health Preparedness Kit by 3 M

July 5, 2017

I recently purchased a great first aid kit type of item made by the well known Nexcare / 3 M company. For around eight dollars at Wal-Mart you can get a Health Preparedness go pack. This handy little kit contains very useful items in times of illness, such as ear loop masks, hand sanitizing gel, single use thermometers and hand sanitizing wipes.

I am very glad I purchased this health preparedness kit, it has been a very handy set of products to have on hand in case of a health issue or emergency. The ear loop masks are very effective for preventing the spread of germs in cases of contagious illnesses. The single use thermometers are perfect and an ideal choice for people who are clumsy or don’t like the idea of using a standard thermometer. I prefer the single use thermometer to a mercury based thermometer any day!

Of course, this health preparedness kit also had rubber gloves which are sturdy and great items to have on hand, as you never know what little emergencies life will send your way. The hand sanitizing wipes are a generous size and smell pleasant, they are also a very effective way to clean your hands when you can’t wash your hands or you need to clean your hands immediately. The hand sanitizing gel is a generous sized bottle that smells good, is effective and won’t over dry your hands.

I think that every household could benefit from purchasing the Nexcare/3M Health Preparedness Kit go pack. This health preparedness kit contains useful items that can make all of the difference in the world in the event of an emergency or an unexpected illness. It pays to be safe rather than sorry and this health preparedness kit contains items that many people might not think about having inside their first aid kit.

In addition to this kit containing useful items, I feel that it is a valuable first aid item and available at a really great price considering how much the kit contains. I also enjoyed the pamphlet included by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention with tips and facts about healthy habits and illness and diseases. I will certainly purchase this kit again and I would recommend that everyone else purchase one also, you never know when you will have an emergency to deal with and being prepared is very important to how you will effectively deal with the situation.